Our philosophy

The strong point in the organization of the is that each company maintains full autonomy and independence, enhancing its specialization within the group. For the member, the consortium becomes one of the customers. A “comfortable” customer because he brings different orders without having to go and look for them, to deal with the various customers, discuss the processing, get paid over time: the relationship is only with the Consortium and it is the to follow the commercial aspects and the management of the orders, bearing the relative cost.

Being part of such a structured network of companies means having information about suppliers, the workforce or the qualified personnel available, the best systems on the market, the best technologies in hand. It means enriching the company’s know-how without spending time acquiring knowledge.

The driving force towards innovation and continuous updating is crucial. The members who carry out the orders must be able to meet customer requests, therefore adequate machinery, processes aimed at production and quality improvement, computerization courses, certifications, punctuality in deliveries are needed.

Given the opening of the Consortium to foreign markets, a mental and linguistic openness towards all those realities that can be encountered along the way is essential.

The advantage for the Customer is that they have a single interlocutor for all the work performed.


The objectives of are:

  • Procure orders for members by promoting their activity.
    • Facilitate access to credit.
      • Obtain favorable conditions for the purchase of raw materials and plants.
        • Promote training activities.

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