an avant-garde historical idea

Milanese Consortium Production artisans

Our uniqueness merges with the offered Unique Service in Italy: we manage the entire implementation of complex orders, offering our customers a “turnkey” product. This is possible thanks to the multiple companies that form Comarp, which merge externally and are perceived as a single interlocutor by our customers.

The advantage for the Customer is that they have a single interlocutor for all the work performed.


At the origins

In the province of Milan there is a group of craft companies that have been working together for over 40 years. They are metalworking companies united since November 27th 1980 in the Milanese Consortium Production artisans, CO.M.AR.P. The associated companies operate in the market from the subcontracting and, specialized in different processes or even competitors among them, collaborate in the execution of the orders of a medium-high clientele acquired by the Consortium. The looks like this on the market as a single reality.

Discover its history. The story of a shared ideal – that of being together – and a successful economic model – that of the business network.

Always believing in your work and skills … this is one of the secrets of that since 1980 has always invested in people, over 70 employees, and machinery despite the crises.
In this spirit and in this desire to live, always with a pinch of philosophy, it makes the artisans of a beautiful example of doing business.



A winning model

A strong spirit of personal solidarity and sharing, an operational formula that takes advantage of the specialization of each individual partner to offer a wide range of processes, guaranteeing complete autonomy to the associated companies and the support of the CNA are the recipe for the “Comarp model”. A model that, in current markets, has strong potential for development. realizes the finished product or complete processing cycles with interventions of: presents itself on the market as a
single reality today

We are certain of being able to do even better and it is our intention to continue on this path! stands for Milanese Consortium Production artisans. The production process is managed thanks to the multiplicity, specialization and diversification of the companies that make up Comarp. Thanks to the workforce, the technical skills and the machinery of all the members, it manages to offer a very wide range of products and processes. It presents itself on the market as a single group with external production departments, able to carry out TURNKEY projects.

Comarp has successfully renewed its ISO 9001:2015 certification with the CSI certification body.

Comarp companies

Current members

Current members

These are the companies that are part of the Comarp today, all metalworking companies that work in subcontracting. Turning, milling, boring on metals are the processes offered by most of the partners who work above all on the client’s design. Some companies specialize in the grinding, drawing, shearing and bending of metals an innovative welding process.

Finally, special production of rotary machines for printing high quality labels.

Comarp customers

Our Customers

Our Customers

Comarp‘s main customers operate in the engineering, plant engineering, electronics and industrial automation sectors. The customer portfolio now contains small and medium-sized companies, active both in Northern Italy and in Germany, Switzerland and France. Most use Comarp for turning, milling, grinding on metal. Requests also for boring, gear cutting, shearing and general carpentry work an innovative welding process. All the activity is promoted under a single Comarp brand, as one big company with different specializations.

Comarp staff

About us


We always try to deal with many types of experiences with members. We can say with certainty that one of the peculiarities of this group is to face the problems that may arise every day. Together with all our members we can transform the negativity into positivity by giving new stimuli and solutions. Stimuli, which allow you to continue collaborating as if it were always the first day. In addition to internal staff, Comarp relies on the assistance of external professionals. Everyone has established a special relationship with the Comarpthat goes beyond business, a friendship and collaboration where there is not only the god of money“.

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