MILANESE CONSORTIUM PRODUCTION ARTISAN follows the order from the beginning to delivery in all aspects

The Consortium works on behalf of third parties ranging from the production of small parts to medium and large mechanical technical details, based on the customer’s design. The company performs precision mechanical machining. manufactures finished products or complete processing cycles with Turning, Milling, Boring, Carrying, Teething, Shearing, Drawing, Grinding, and Molding of an innovative welding process .

It specializes in metal turning and milling for sampling or for medium series production. It manufactures components or small assembled groups for industrial plants in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors. In particular, it also offers components for wire drawing machines based on the client’s design.

The only contact person for the customer, Comarp distributes and coordinates among the members about ninety percent of the processes to be carried out and outsources only special processes such as galvanic treatments and heavy carpentry.

This organization of the work and the atmosphere of collaboration between the members goes to the customer’s whole, not only in terms of speed of deliveries but also in terms of quality of the work done. The complementarity between the companies that together can offer complete production cycles is the winner.

The advantage for the Customer is that they have a single interlocutor for all the work performed.


Scanner and 3d printer services

Scanning and prototyping are added to the services offered by Milanese Consortium Production Artisans



Our company carries out mechanical machining of toothing on different materials.


Milling and Boring

We make parts milled with traditional visualized machines, with machining centers


Profiles from solid

Milanese Consortium Production Artisans realizes from the full rectified shapes of any shape and on any material

Progettazione e assemblaggio

Desing and Assembly

Milanese Consortium Production Artisans deals with mechanical design and assembly in different sectors.


Grinding specializes in mechanical grinding processes



We create parts with ceramic, carbide inserts, with different technologies


Laser Cladding

We use an innovative welding process – laser cladding.



Comarp deals with lathe work with high precision machine tools.


Shearing & drawing

Comarp specializes in the cutting of customized parts

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