The history of

United by a common belief, by the desire to be together, the members of have experimented and refined in more than 40 years an economic model of collaboration between small businesses that today proves to be increasingly successful.

This group of entrepreneurs is a rare example of collaboration between artisans in Lombardy who appreciate deep values, concreteness, have the ability to continuously invent and reinvent the company as life itself. From the testimonies of the pioneers of the firm will to be together shines through, the desire to make it with a good dose of optimism.

With a strong associative spirit and, always firm in pursuing the goal of being together, they have faced difficulties and enjoyed success without ever losing sight of the value of solidarity, an atmosphere of transparency, optimism and trust in the future of the group.

Convinced that the associative idea was right and the associative model had to work, they worked with a great spirit of sacrifice, that professional honesty and with those entrepreneurial skills that have always distinguished artisans. is like a field that must be cultivated and followed with love, passion and sacrifice. Those who come after us will benefit from its fruits, as long as they believe in it and commit themselves as it was in the intentions of the founding members.

The Consortium is basically an ideal, a mentality. And for those who do not have this mentality, it is very difficult to remain in “.

The advantage for the Customer is that they have a single interlocutor for all the work performed.

The goal of is to encourage the development of metalworking artisan enterprises

Ideas are not lacking, nor is the ability to take on difficult challenges.
And to win them.

To encourage the development of there is the habit of an organizational model that is now a must for artisan companies, that is, the fact that each shareholder maintains its independence in any case so as not to preclude the independent growth of individual businesses. With these strengths, the structure of the Consortium will be able to orient itself with determination to the business and gain a leading position in the sector.

“The duration of the Consortium is stability in 50 years from its legal construction. We will be in 2030, but it is not certain that our children will not renew the bet … “

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