3d scanner and 3d printer in Senago.

Scanning and prototypes are added to the services offered by

The optical scan allows you to quickly create 3D models of objects of various extremely precise dimensions, which can be used both for the creation of prototypes in combination with the 3D printer, and to speed up the design of traditional molds. It is also particularly useful for taking measurements on complex pieces.

Stereolithographic printing that allows you to create single three-dimensional objects starting directly from digital data processed by a CAD / CAM software, allows you to:

  • obtain extremely smooth finishes, suitable for making prototypes with small details and for products that require precise textures
  • allows you to significantly reduce the production time of the product.

We have different materials available for specific needs: flexible, elastic or rigid resins, heat-resistant, opaque or transparent.

The advantage for the Customer is that they have a single interlocutor for all the work performed.


We create three-dimensional models of objects,
from drawing or 3D scanning

A cutting-edge photogrammetry department operates within Comarp which, through an optical technology scanner for 3D digitization of surfaces, is able to acquire metric data of an object without any type of contact. The detection of photographic images translated into mathematical models and the 3D digitization of surfaces guarantee maximum flexibility and precision in the development of any type of project.

We are equipped with the most modern 3D scanning systems thanks to which we can detect and digitize objects of any shape or size.


  • Analysis of the project
  • Choice of construction method
  • Modeling of the drawing
  • Export of the model in the format suitable for 3D printing


  • Analysis of the three-dimensional file received
  • Configuring print settings
  • Choice of materials for printing
  • Prototype realization

Our service is completed with the structured light scanning system that allows object conversion into files compatible with 3D printing.

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