Why in Comarp?
“Because together, much more today, it is better from all points of view”

We are a group of artisan companies, mainly metalworkers, who have been working together for more than 40 years, gathered since 27 November 1980 in the Milanese Consortium of artisans of production.

The associated companies operate in the subcontracting market and, specializing in different processes or even competitors with each other, collaborate in the execution of the orders of a medium-high customer acquired by the Consortium.

Comarp thus presents itself on the market as a single reality. Our uniqueness is the offer of a Unique Service in Italy: we deal entirely with the realization of complex orders by offering our customers a “turnkey” product.

This is possible thanks to the plurality of Comarp constituent companies that come together as a single interlocutor to better serve customers.

Cancellation of problems related to logistics, time savings and lower costs are immediate competitive advantages deriving from our service. The values ​​that have always guided us are the satisfaction and priority of our customers. The Comarp receives the order from the customer which can be on a working account or in a complete supply. Once the order has been acquired, Comarp develops the order to the Members according to the processes to be performed.

The progressive consolidation of an economic model of collaboration between small enterprises is revealed on the great cohesion strength of Comarp, which today proves to be even more valid than it was before. This is demonstrated by the solidity of the Consortium in the early 2000s, in full economic recession, as opposed to the difficulties of the individual companies.

Comarp takes part in the main sector fairs in Italy and abroad by exhibiting the details made by the various companies as production departments of a single large company. After all, Comarp offers the advantages of a large company together with the characteristics of a small company, first of all the flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to the times and technologies of a rapidly evolving market. Last but not least, direct contact with the craftsman who carries out the order. Maximum attention to the evolution of the market in order to anticipate it and maximum quality in work are the secrets of success.

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The advantage for the Customer is that they have a single interlocutor for all the work performed.

What do we do? stands for Milanese Consortium of artisans. Today it brings together several artisan companies in the metalworking sector operating in the North West of Milan. Their development is the goal of the Consortium.

Founded in 1980 with headquarters in Senago, it works on behalf of third parties ranging from the production of small parts to medium and large mechanical technical details, according to the customer’s design. Using the workforce, the technical skills and the machinery of all the members, it manages to offer a very wide range of products and processes.

The Consortium realizes the finished product or complete cycles of processes with turning, milling, toothing, grinding of any shape and on any material, boring on traditional or numerical control machines; it carries out EDM, boring, shearing, plate drawing, punching, bending, laser coating, gumming of rollers, assembly or pre-assembly of groups; offers heavy and light carpentry supplies and produces special machines on customer’s project, turnkey. And, moreover, it provides complete supplies of all types of traditional or controlled atmosphere heat treatment, galvanic treatments of protections or anti-infringement coatings.

The productions are both special with single pieces and prototypes, as well as small or medium series and are always accompanied by the dimensional control sheet of the piece and by the certifications of material conformity, of any treatments and magnetoscopic and ultrasound tests. The offer is completed by the consultancy service in the design of the components that Comarp can guarantee, collaborating with the customer in solving the different processing problems.

Our sectors

To such a wide range of products, there corresponds an equally vast outlet market: ranging from the mechanical, food, optical and pharmaceutical sectors to the aerospace and healthcare sectors. The various components made by Comarp can be used for the construction of oil pumps as well as for the construction of plants for processing glass, machines – or parts of machines – for the production of soap or abrasive wheels.

The range of customers served is medium-high, mostly located in Lombardy and Northern Italy where small, medium and medium-large companies known in the sector rely on Comarp. Fruitful relations with Germany, France and Switzerland are beginning on the international markets. This production potential is achieved thanks to the collaboration between the member companies. A structure now ready to face new paths and scenarios that the market requires.

Comarp, with the contribution of the partners, therefore presents itself on the market as a single group with external production departments, capable of carrying out turnkey projects. The only contact person for the customer, Comarp distributes and coordinates among the members about eighty percent of the processes to be carried out and outsources only special processes such as galvanic treatments and heavy carpentry. This organization of work and the climate of collaboration is in favor of the customer, not only in terms of speed of deliveries but also in terms of quality of work.

For the benefit of the customer, above all, the technical ability of craftsmen with experience, manual skills and a propensity to do more than forty years, entrepreneurs used to not giving up in the face of any problem, but to invent a solution anyway.

Comarp’s goal is to encourage the development of metalworking craft firms

The history of

Discover the main stages of its development: the first years of perfecting the participation mechanisms and then from the 90s, when the Consortium purchased the headquarters – up to the present day.

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