Moulding of rubber and plastic parts offers its customers a 360 ° service that ranges from molding services for small and medium format articles in rubber or rubber to metal or plastic molding.

Cutting-edge technologies and craftsmanship. A combination that allows Comarp to create quality products.

Precision, speed and efficiency are the processing criteria. These are operations, which require careful processes.

For the molding of plastic materials and the molding of plastic and technical rubber articles, the company uses high-tech presses, used on the basis of customer needs. We talk about promotional items, toys, sporting goods and technical items for the pharmaceutical industry, components for electronics and the automotive sector in rubber and plastic with metal inserts, such as engine mounts, cabin mounts, shock absorber connections, bushings and technical details rubber for vehicle wiring. Small and medium sized rollers and rollers, also shaped

The advantage for the Customer is that they have a single interlocutor for all the work performed.

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